asianet film awards
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Asianet Film Awards

Asianet Film Awards

Asianet Film Awards is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Malayalam film industry. Asianet being the largest and first satellite Malayalam channel has made its distinguished position in all arenas of entertainment. The channel has always paved a path and redefined the concepts of Malayali audience around the globe with the most innovative steps.

Asianet Film Awards has a glorious legacy of 16 years and the saga continuous. The status of these awards stands tall among all other private award functions. Hence stars across the nation consider it a privilege to be a part of this eminent function.  From the first award function in 1999 to the latest one in 2013 the show has escalated to amazing heights.

Today, it is one of the most magnificent functions in the film industry. Each year the grandeur of the function goes high with immense celebrity presence. All masters from the Indian film industry make their position in the award function.

The pomp and glory of the show is kept even higher this time. Joining hands with Ujala, the Ujala Asianet Film Awards 2014 in all set to go on this January in Dubai! The mesmerizing city is waiting for ultimate celebrity festival. Wait for the magnificent show and get your seats reserved for the most esteemed award function now.